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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

Cawston Grange Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Leadership Team

Mrs K Worthington - Headteacher

Mrs N Brookes - Deputy Headteacher

Miss J Highfield - EYFS lead

Mrs V Wesson - KS1 phase leader, English lead

Mr A Turk - KS2 phase leader, science lead

Mrs J Jones - Maths lead

Mrs C Paterson - SENDCO

Miss A Williams - Early Reading Lead


Admin and Support Team:

Mrs C Brand - Business Manager

Mrs J Walsh - Admin Assistant

Mrs A Tilley - Clerical Assistant

Mrs N New - Child and Family Support


Our Class Teachers:

Miss A Williams - Dolphins (reception)

Miss J Highfield - Penguins (reception)

Mrs J Jones - Butterflies (year 1)

Miss E Bush - Red Pandas (year 1)

Mrs V Wesson/Mrs L Bradley - Zebras (year 2)

Mrs L Mawby - Hedgehogs (year 2)

Mr D Thomas - Tigers (year 3)

Miss Pathak - Ocelots (year 3)

Mr J Keith - Snow Leopards (year 4)

Mrs A Dix/Mrs N Brookes - Brown Bears (year 4)

Mr A Turk - Turtles (year 5)

Miss G Elward - Lemurs (year 5)

Mr T Daniels - Jaguars (year 6)

Mrs S Jones - Polar Bears (year 6)


Our Learning Support Team:

Mrs N Bryan

Mrs J Brown

Miss Z Reeve

Mrs K Gomes

Mrs N Bhoot

Mrs H Taylor

Mrs C Suttling

Mrs D Wilson

Mrs J Lyon 

Mrs K McGuire

Mrs L Petts

Miss J Hall

Mrs R Foster

Mr C Spurr

Mrs C Lloyd

Mr S Kimberley

Mrs L O'Keefe

Mrs J Thorndycraft

Mrs D Hubbard

Miss S Houghton

Mrs L Hussain

Mrs B Haistead

Mrs V Street 

Mrs D Jacobs

Mrs L Bateman

Mrs M Tucker

Miss C Pepper

Mrs P Sseykanzi


Additional Teaching Staff:

Mrs C Waghorn - PPA

Mrs L Smith - French


Premises Team:

Mr N Tsvetklov - Caretaker

Mrs K Jadav - Cleaner

Miss V Coleman - Cleaner

Mrs L Coleman - Cleaner

Mrs C Gains - Cleaner