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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Following the stepping down of national restrictions, the school have reviewed their risk assessment and created a new outbreak management plan to support our ongoing work to minimise the risk of positive cases in school.  The following information sets out how we aim to balance returning to normal school life alongside our responsibility to keep our staff and pupils safe in school.


Our procedures will remain under constant review and will be responsive to the local and national context.  The Traffic Light chart below shows how the school will respond to an increase in cases.

What does this mean for parents?

Our school drop off and pick up arrangements are now returning to normal.  There are no longer one way routes around the school or staggered start or finish times.  We do ask that parents remain vigilant and socially distanced when waiting for children.  If you need to come inside the school building for any reason, we will encourage you to wear a mask.


Drop off: 8.40am

Pick up: 3.30pm from your child's classroom door.  Please collect younger children first before older siblings.

Please do be aware that this will mean an increase in traffic around the area at pick up and collection times.  Always walk to school if you can and remember that there are now yellow zig-zags on Scholars Drive restricting parking.  The community centre car park is available for parents to use for pick up/drop off.

New reception children have different session times initially, please check your starter pack for your child's times.


Children should bring PE kits into school which will stay on their peg; children will no longer come to school dressed in PE kit on their PE days.  Staff will be reviewing this at October half term.


Key Stage two children may bring pencil cases into school.


Staff will remain vigilant and take a cautious approach to children who are unwell.  Please DO NOT send you child to school if they are unwell, especially if they have a temperature, cough or loss of taste/smell.  The procedures for a suspected case remain unchanged and you should organise a PCR test for your child as soon as possible.  Please keep the school informed by contacting the school office.


Bubbles will no longer close if we have a positive case, instead the school will contact all close contact parents and advise you to book a PCR test for your child.  There will no longer be any need for children to isolate if they have been in contact with a positive case but they will be expected to test regularly to ensure that they themselves are not positive.


In the case of an outbreak, Mrs Worthington will contact all parents to inform you of any changes to our procedures.  This may involve a return to bubbles in school, staggered start and finish times or any other precautions deemed necessary.  We hope to avoid this through our ongoing precautions in school, but we are prepared for possible disruption and changes to our procedures at some point.

You can read how the school prioritised the use of Covid-19 Catch Up premium in the report below.