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Teaching Reading and Phonics


Our approach to learning phonics at Cawston Grange is through using Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics as well as Jolly Phonics.  We have a multisensory approach in EYFS and by using Jolly Phonics the pupils are provided with a picture, a song and an action to help them learn each different sound. This is an effective and interactive way for young learners to recall phonemes.  


Letters and Sounds provide us with games and resources to support our teaching of phonics. It aims to build pupils’ speaking and listening skills, as well as prepare pupils to learn to read and write, by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed programme for teaching phonic skills, with the aim of pupils becoming fluent readers by age seven. Any child in Key Stage 2 requiring additional teaching in phonic skills will be supported by appropriate support.


Throughout Key Stage 1, pupils are provided with a range of fiction and non-fiction books which are regularly changed to aid progression with their reading. We use a selection of high quality texts to support decoding and contextual skills in reading. We teach reading and comprehension skills through guided reading sessions and hear the children read independently too.


As pupils move into Key Stage 2, they continue to follow a reading scheme in order that they learn more advanced deduction and inference skills from a wide range of texts. They also continue to access the library where there is a wide and up to date range of texts to support their learning. We take part in the Read for my school competition that supports reading for pleasure to develop lifelong enjoyment of books.


We have events through the year to support the development of reading enjoyment, with book fairs, book week, dressing up as characters and author visits and trips.