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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Cawston Grange Primary School we are committed to supporting the emotional health and well being of all our pupils and staff.  We know that everyone experiences life challenges that can make us vulnerable and that, at times, anyone may need additional emotional support.  We take the view that positive mental health is everybody's business and that we all have a role to play.


We are a Thrive School and the Thrive Approach is a key part of our PSHE Curriculum.


At our school we:

  • help children to understand and manage their emotions and feelings
  • help children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries
  • help children socially to form and maintain relationships
  • promote good self-esteem and ensure children know that they count
  • encourage children to be confident and 'dare to be different'
  • help children develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks


We offer different levels of support:

Universal Support

To meet the needs of all our pupils through our overall ethos and our wider curriculum.

Additional Support

For those who may have short term needs or may be vulnerable due to life experiences such as bereavement.

Targeted Support

For pupils who need more personalised support or specific therapeutic interventions.


          The Thrive Approach                       


The Thrive Approach is informed by established developments in neuroscientific research.

It is underpinned by a theoretical base in child development theory and attachment theory.  At its heart is the understanding that all children's behaviour represents a form of communication - or their underlying needs.  If these needs are recognised and met, children and young people will be able to flourish and learn.


The Thrive Approach is designed to help children and young people

become ready to learn and thrive.


More information about the ThriveApproach can be found here.


Lead staff members:

Mrs N. Brookes: 

  • Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Lead              


Mrs N. New:   

  • Family and Child Support 





Year 3 Wear Yellow Day for Young Minds - The children made emoji faces. 08.10.21

Year 1 Butterflies thought about things which make us happy and sad and also what we can do when we feel sad. We acted a few out on Hello Yellow day 8.10.21

Year 6 Jaguars completed lots of activities for Wear Yellow Day for Young Minds. The children played 'Snowball' where they complimented one another and also played emotion games. 08.10.21

During 'Mental Health Awareness' week (7th - 11th october 2019), we raised funds for the charity YoungMinds by wearing yellow on October 10th.

Bounce Back Day November 15th 2019


Children had a lovely day facing many fun challenges and learning about resilience.