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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Brown Bears – Year 4

Remote Learning 18th - 19th July

Hello everyone,


With temperatures expected to reach 40 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, some of you may have taken the decision to remain at home. However, school remains open as usual and so we have been asked to supply you with some remote learning to cover the next two days.


Maths: You can find four worksheets below, two for Monday and two for Tuesday. These cover the entire Year 4 curriculum. These are just for you to complete at home: don't feel the need to send them back in with your child. The answers are on the back so you can self-assess.


English: Last week in English, you investigated leaflets. You may like to click this link to help you remember the features of this genre: Watch and work through quiz etc on page: Scotland - English and Literacy - Factual Writing - Creating a leaflet - P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7 - First and Second Level classroom and home learning for Curriculum for Excellence with BBC Bitesize Scotland - BBC Bitesize

You need to use the leaflet planning frame below to plan a leaflet which gives information on three exciting aspects of being in Year 4. You could choose from one of the following:

  • Stone Age Day
  • TTRockstars and the Multiplication Test
  • The Rivers Study trip to the Peak District 
  • Trampolining in PE
  • Building and firing Roman Catapults in D&T

Or something else which you feel is an important aspect of Year 4. Your target audience for the leaflet is Year 3 children who will become Brown Bears or Snow Leopards. Try to use persuasive language when you write! There are two worksheets below to help you. One is a planning grid, the other is a blank leaflet. As with the maths worksheets there is no expectation for you to return these to school.


Doodle Learning: The children all have Doodle Learning accounts which they use for Home Learning and so should keep practising their usual maths and English activities.


Reading: A nice, relaxing activity where the only movement is the turning of a page! Your child should still have their reading book with them but any reading at all is fine.


I hope we're all able to get back together before the end of the term but, for the meantime, stay safe and we'll see you soon.


Mrs Dix

Sewing Victorian cushions - July 2022

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - June 2022

Outdoor Learning - RE - Spirit Faces

Model Den Building with knot tying

Friday 8th October 2021

Stone Age to Iron Age Theme Day! 


Today, the children experienced  a wide variety of activities to enhance their Stone Age to Iron Age learning! An unbelievable amount of engaging and exciting artefacts to explore, making felt from goat's wool, having a go at spinning and weaving wool, wearing clothes made from animal skin, being part of a stone age camp, grinding wheat, hunting boar, gathering berries, working a bow drill to create friction, making art by rubbing on intricate wooden carvings, naming and dating different metals, farming, shearing, wearing metal helmets and metal clothing, holding weapons with flint and metal components, studying bone and metal cooking pots and utensils and comparing bone, wooden and metal tools.  

What an amazing day!