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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

Jaguars - Yr 6

It's Harvest time! Unfortunately the dry weather has meant that a lot of our crop has died before we could pick it but we were able to salvage a few mangetout peas. Still ,they were delicious!

Making the most of our harvest.

Summer is finally here and, now the soil has finally heated up, our planter has finally begun to show signs of life. These seeds were planted in the Spring and will be harvested and eaten in the Summer. We can't wait to see what they taste like!

The Year 6 Planter

Jaguars’ Learning Web & Memo Summer Term 2 - June 2018

Here are the audition pieces for the Year 6 Production - ROCK BOTTOM. Practise over half-term; the auditions will be held on the 7th and 8th of June. Good luck!

20-A20 Smile (Vox).mp3

20-A20 Smile (BT).mp3

The Jaguars thoroughly enjoyed Maths Day this year.  In teams of four, they spent the whole day solving a variety of maths puzzles, collecting values stamps along the way for Independence, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Excellence.

Maths Day

With the announcement of the theme for the school's gardening competition this year being "The last 100 years", Jaguars began clearing the way for our garden which will be based on the 100 year anniversary of the formation of the RAF.

Jaguars’ Learning Web & Memo Summer Term 1 - April 2018

Jaguars’ Learning Web & Memo Spring Term 2 - March 2018

For Road Safety day, DHL kindly lent us a lorry and one of their drivers to teach us how to be safe when we are on the road.

Road Safety Day

On Friday 23rd March, Jaguars organised the Spring Fair with each group designing their own stall. They also worked out how much it would cost to create the stall, estimate how many people would visit in a fifteen minute period, and therefore work out how much to charge to make a profit. Look out Lord Sugar! 

Spring Fair 2018

Jaguars’ Learning Web & Memo Spring Term 1 - January 2018

Year 6 visited Coventry Cathedral as part of our studies of World War II.

For World Book Day, Jaguars spent some of the afternoon reading to their buddies in Penguins.

Jaguars’ Learning Web & Memo Autumn Term 2 - October 2017

The Home Learning topic for Autumn 2 was The Aztecs. Look at how the Jaguars interpreted this in different ways!

Jaguars invented and built their own games as part of DT which they then went to play against a very discerning audience - Penguins class!

Jaguars’ Learning Web & Memo Autumn Term 1 – September 2017

At the end of the term the Jaguars were able to share their home-learning projects with their Buddies from Penguins. The theme was Australia.