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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning at Cawston Grange Primary School

At Cawston Grange Primary School outdoor learning plays an important part in the curriculum. We aim to provide children with hands on experience through which they can develop their understanding of all of our school values. Outdoor learning is planned so that it supports and enhances the National Curriculum and provides depth, enrichment and an outdoor perspective for our children. Children have opportunities to explore and learn outdoors throughout the year, experiencing the seasons and changing nature around them. We recognise the importance of these experiences, especially in a world where children are spending less time outdoors. Learning outdoors is crucial to a child’s development, physical health, mental health, wellbeing and happiness. This is why we hold the strong believe that it should be embedded within our curriculum, whatever the weather!

Year 3 creating shelters - Nov 2023

Year 3 writing shape poems in the Nature Classroom - Sept 2023

Reception - Building bridges tall enough to fit the troll underneath, and strong enough to hold 3 Billy Goats Gruff on top!

Year 1- Building a shelter for Baby Bear from Goldilocks- Nov 22

The Red Pandas found pieces of a letter all around the Nature Classroom. Once they sequenced the letter they found out that Baby Bear wanted them to build him a shelter while Mummy and Daddy Bear sorted out the mess Goldilocks had left. A lot of super team work and problem solving followed. All the groups tackled the problem in a different way. One group decided to use some sticks to peg their shelter down, while another group used lots of branches to build a wall before putting the tarp on top. Two groups even decided to make it even bigger by combining their two shelters together. Great teamwork shown by all!

Year 5 shelter building - Nov 2022

Year 3 had great fun being Ancient Greeks in the Nature Classroom. 26.01.22

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Year 4 using words to express feelings and emotions - Jan 2022

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Year 1 creating tripod shelters: 24.01.22

Year 1 looked at a new skill in the Nature Classroom this week as we tried to create tripod shelters.  This took used so many different skills: maths for measuring, gross motor for collecting sticks and fine motor for the string wrapping and knot tying, teamwork and perseverance! Well done Butterflies!  

Year 3 - Nature Classroom Medusa! 19.1.22

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As part of our Ancient Greece topic, the children have been learning all about Greek Myths. The Ocelots had great fun making their own Medusa pictures with resources from the Nature Classroom!

Year 4 creating emotions in clay faces - Jan 2022

Year 1 Butterflies looking at season change

It was time for Butterflies to go back to see how the apple tree in the Nature Classroom was doing now the season has changed.  We spotted lots of changes from when we last looked at the start of September when it was still Summer and we even made some predictions about what might happen in the next season. 

Year 1 Maths in the Nature Classroom!

Red Pandas created some of their own Maths problems in the Nature classroom. The sticks represented 2. The apples represented 5. What number was represented altogether? Can you work it out? These Red Pandas did!

Year 4 building models of shelters - Oct 2021

Year 1 Red Pandas Science in the Nature Classroom

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Year 1 Butterflies creating Land Art in the Nature Classroom 18.10.21

Year 1 Butterflies: Science investigation in the Nature Classroom

Year 6 Jaguars creating scaled maps in the Nature Classroom 24.09.21

Jaguars learning about the compass points in the Nature Classroom 17.09.21

Year 1 Butterflies: Art Design in the Nature Classroom 13.10.21

Buddhism- Year 1 Zen Gardens

Our Outdoor learning day - Year 2

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Click here to see what Year 3 got up to on Outdoor Learning Day:

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Year Four (Brown Bears) Outdoor Learning Day - 21.05.21

Year Four (Brown Bears) Outdoor Learning Day - 21.05.21

Year 4 (Snow Leopards) Outdoor Learning Day

Year 2 Outdoor Learning Day!

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Year 1 hunting for signs of Spring

Year 1 Exploring, socialising and enjoying circle time outdoors

Year 1 enjoying learning outdoors

Year 4 modelling river erosion

Year 4 planting seeds

Year 3 enjoying some outdoor learning.

Year 4 constructing 3D sculptures

Hedging around in the Outdoor Area!

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Portraits and landscapes created in nature from nature - inspired by prior understanding of Andy Goldsworthy

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Year 5 - Turtles having creative fun!

We had great fun learning outdoors and building our own wattle and daub walls!

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Year 5 Lemurs exploring the new site of the Forest School 2019-2020

Y5 using the great outdoors as inspiration for our figurative language writing. The cold weather did not stop us! 2019-2020

Year 6 Leaf Count. We estimated the number of different types of leaf then drew pictograms of our findings. 2019-2020