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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Red Pandas - YR1

Red Pandas’ Learning Web & Memo Summer Term 2 – June 2015

Red Panda's Class Trip to Coombe Country Park


On Tuesday 19th May, we visited Coombe Country Park as part of our Science and cross-curricular learning about plants and animals.


We  explored a range of habitats in the woodland and pond areas and found suitable places for plants and animals to live.

We were able to do lots of mini beast hunting using a range of 'creature catchers' to find different types of worms, slugs, snails, spiders, millipedes, wood lice and many more....


Later in the day we went pond dipping and found all sorts of water organisms, including the first water stick insect to be found on record at Coombe Country Park. 


Thank you to our parents who came with us and well done to all Red Pandas for being excellent wild life explorers!     

Red Pandas’ Learning Web & Memo Summer Term 1 – April 2015

Red Pandas’ Learning Web & Memo Spring Term 2 – February 2015

Solar Eclipse


A total solar eclipse occurred on March 20th. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth.


We were lucky enough to see it safely by making our own viewers!

Performance Poetry


We performed a variety of poems in our English lessons by using words, actions and musical instruments.


We soon learnt to be experts at reading tricky words and identifying patterns like rhyme, repetition and alliteration.

Red Nose Day 2015


We helped our school to raise money for Comic Relief by dressing up in red and silly clothes.

What do you think of our costumes?! We certainly had lots of fun making and wearing them.

Red Pandas’ Learning Web & Memo Spring Term 1 – January 2015

Local Area Walk


We explored our local area to see the changes that were happening, including the building of our new school!


We discussed the different types of homes, leisure facilities available and the purpose of different buildings.

Red Pandas’ Learning Web & Memo Autumn Term 2 – November 2014

Introduction to Year 1 Parent's Evening Presentation

Red Pandas’ Learning Web & Memo Autumn Term 1 – September 2014

All About Me Day


In the first week of term we shared books and boxes to show our favourite and special things with our class. We learnt lots of new things we didn't know about each other and had the opportunity to ask questions to find out about our class mates and the adults in our new class.



We have been applying our knowledge of numbers to recall, order and write our numbers to 100. We also estimated and accurately counted objects, working together in pairs to see how close we could get to our estimates.

Art Week, 6th-10th October


We explored the paintings of the French artist, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and focused our attention on the famous painting, 'The Umbrellas'. We looked closely at the colours, patterns, shades and techniques used to create the painting before our learning journey began!


We created our own umbrella art work by using plasticine to create figures holding umbrellas in different poses. We also used paint, oil pastels and collage materials to create rainy day scenes and decorated an umbrella in rainbow patterns using paper mache and different materials to create a range of textures. We experimented with colours further using a mixture of food colourings, oil, water and washing liquid to create different water effects on napkins.  


We explored many other paintings of umbrellas and Renoir's work and used these to create colourful chalk drawings, accurate tracings and our own landscapes and portraits using sketching pencils.  


We hope you enjoy observing our art work around school soon!