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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Butterflies – Year 1


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Where learning gives us wings!

Here are some key things to know about Butterflies.












Look how much you have all grown!! You are all superstars and are all ready for the challenges of year 2!

Thank you for an amazing year! 

We had a great visit to St Mark's church this morning! We got to show off all our learning from our RE lessons and also see so many new things.  A thank you to the ladies from the church and a huge thank you to the parents who were able to come to help! The children were amazing representatives for the school both at the church and the walk there and back which was 1.4km each way and took us 26minutes! should be very proud of yourselves for being super stars this morning, I am certainly very proud of you all! 

We had a fantastic day being pirates! We wrote some great job applications to join 'The Emperial Jones Pirate Ship', did some map reading to find the treasure and practiced our retrieval skills in reading learning all about Captain Blackbeard! You all make super pirates...but you make even better Butterflies!!

This afternoon we completed our final project for our DT unit.  We have fantastic castles.  You have all your castle features you have learnt in your History and all your skills from your DT.  They are all amazing! HUGE thankyou to all the adults who came to help! 

We are making the most of the sunshine in the Nature Classroom this week and managed to think about double science and ICT while we were there.  We loved looking at the different stems and trunks which plants had and how they felt by doing bark rubbings.  We also took photos of different plants and then used the annotation tool on the ipads to review our learning and label all the different parts of the plant. 

In Maths, we have been looking at equal and unequal groups and making arrays! We turned ourselves into an array too!

We had sunshine, we had wind.....we played cricket!

It's Easter! What a term it has been! We have ended with amazing egg decorations, meeting the ducklings, hot cross buns and a chocolate egg hunt (but we were too quick at hunting and eating the chocolate for any photos of that!) Bring on the summer term Amazing Butterflies!

Spring Assembly Fun!

We have had a busy week practicing our Spring Assembly.  We hope you enjoyed it.

"We've got Spring fever!

We've got Spring fever!

We've got Spring fever!

It's Spring fever getting to you!"

So much Maths this half term! Great understanding of our place value to 50 and lots of measuring of length, weight, mass, volume and capacity!

It may be March and almost our Spring assembly.....but we also have SNOW!!!!!!

It's World Book Day and we look great!!

We got to meet the author Mini Grey too. We have loved reading her books in school and getting our own copies signed was a real treat!

What a great morning we had!

The wonderful Animal Man arrived with his owl, skunk, two snakes, gecko, bearded dragon and giant cockroach! He was so impressed with the knowledge of all the children.  We got to hold and stroke all of the animals if we wanted to.  Such a great experience! Butterflies you were brilliant!


Maths has been great! We are super mathematicians! We have been finding the difference, using blank number lines, counting in tens and even algebra in the Nature Classroom!

PE this half term has been gymnastics and we have looked at different ways to travel and jump off apparatus safely!

Tinga Tinga art is such a fun project! We have investigated different colours and techniques for washing, dabbing and printing (using lego bricks was our favourite) to create fabulous final pieces!

Fire Safety with the Fire Service

A great morning with Warwickshire Fire Service talking to us all a bout fire safety in our home.  We learnt all about the importance of fire alarms in our houses and how often we should test them, what to do with matches and lighters and what to do if our clothes ever caught fire.  We had lots of great answers for the fire crew and we had even better questions! As always, Butterflies you have done Cawston proud with your super behaviour! (Leaflets and activity sheets will be coming home too)

Spring Term and we are off to a ROARing start!

A new term and a new text in English for us.  We had a range of clues from our mystery text spread across the tables to see what our new story might be about.  Did you guess it correctly? 

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

I can't believe it is the end of the Autumn term already! Butterflies, what a busy term it has been and you have all been so amazing! I hope you all have a great Christmas holiday and I can't wait to see you all in the Spring term! 


Our library day has changed from a Tuesday to a Thursday.  The children love being in the library and it is always lovely to have a little extra time to share books together.  Children can choose between fiction and non-fiction books to bring home and they always love recommending books to their friends.  Children can only get a new book from the library when they return the book from the previous week. 

Design and Technology: Musical Instruments

A great unit of work completed all about exploring, designing, creating and evaluating our own musical instruments.  We thought about different methods of creating sounds (plucking, tapping, hitting and shaking) and then decided which one we would like to make a firework sound.  Super creative and great teamwork to help each other out with the fiddly bits on our own instruments!! Great work Butterflies!! 

It was Remembrance Day today and we have made poppies for our window.  We have leant a little about why we have Remembrance Day and how important it is.  We joined in with the 2 minutes silence at 11am too. 

It's Autumn 2 and we're back...with a BANG!

We have loved learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot so far this half term! We have been super historians and have particularly enjoyed solving some of the problems the plotters may have faced 450 years ago and even had a go at moving 'gun powder barrels' in the Nature Classroom too. 

Wonderful, Marvellous!

Still image for this video
Just to tie in with our Wellbeing week, it was Butterflies turn to sing a song in assembly to the rest of the school and we selected a song called Wonderful, Marvellous which just showed that Butterflies are GREAT! Here we are practicing for it!

Wellbeing Week and we got to do some Yoga too!

Wellbeing Week and we played games with The Hoop Guy

Art in the Nature Classroom

We have been looking at Land Art in our Nature Classroom time so far this term and we have loved being creative.  The children have come up with some many great ideas to use the natural materials within their scultpures. Great work Butterflies (and today showed us how important it is to have our wellies and coats in school....we had to dodge some showers today!)  

What a fabulous week we have had!  We have started to move to more learning at our tables and the children have totally 'wowed' me with their writing skills.  We have had lots of chance to explore numbers and show different representations too in our Maths.  We had a great time exploring the Nature Classroom looking for natural materials for our land art inspiration and introducing our gallops and side steps in PE, even if our feet did sometimes get in a bit of a muddle.  We have been using maps inside and outside of the school to find hidden clues and locations.  We had a great time in the library this week and I hope everyone is enjoying sharing those books at home together! Butterflies, you are superstars!  


What a first week it has been! Butterflies you have been AMAZING!! You have loved being back in school with friends, new and old, and have impressed me so much with all your wonderful learning! I can see already what a fabulous year we are going to have together! 

We are all feeling very tired after our first week back so enjoy your weekend, rest lots and I look forward to next week where the fun really begins! 

Mrs Jones