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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Turtles – Year 5

Year 5 Statutory Spellings

Welcome to Year 5, you turtley amazing Turtles!!

Everyone has been amazed at how quickly the Turtles have settled into life in Year 5 and we are all turtley amazed at how hard you are working.


Here are just a few reminders of our new timetable:


Tuesdays: You need to come into school in your PE kits as we have indoor PE

Wednesday: You need to come into school in your PE kit as we have outdoor PE

Thursday: It's school jumper and joggers (and wellies and a raincoat if it's wet) as we've got Outdoor Learning. Thursday is also our library slot where you can change your fiction and non-fiction books if you have read them.


Spelling tests will continue to be on a Monday and we'll hand out the first spellings on 12th September to be learnt for  the following week. These will be put into the back of your spelling books so we can keep an eye on how you're doing.


Maths Home Learning will continue to be on Doodle Maths and we will be checking weekly to ensure you are using this. 


In order to save buying new ones, you will continue to use last year's Reading Logs. You should be reading every day and writing in your log or asking an adult you live with to write in it for you.


You have made a fantastic start to Year 5 and we can't wait to show you all the exciting things you will learn about this year.

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