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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Tigers – Year 3

Tuesday 19th July

12th July- A fantastic end of year trip to Coombe Abbey. We had great fun orienteering around the beautiful grounds and created super land art in the woods.

10th June- An amazing day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

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Summer 2 Knowledge Organiser

27th May- We have created our own radio adverts to advertise our theme park Egyptian World. Are you persuaded to visit?

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23rd May - Archery WOW experience in Year 3

20th May- We brought our sunflowers back into school to compare their growth! Wow! Well done Tigers!

20th May- What amazing non-chronological reports we have written about Ancient Egyptian Fashion!

May 2022- What stunning Egyptian art we have created, from mummified cats to Ancient Egyptian portraits of ourselves!

11th May- We have had fun constructing pyramids using canes and elastic bands- great teamwork!

29th April 2022- We performed our poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough in assembly today!

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Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser

6th April 2022- We have enjoyed our Easter party, which we planned as part of our PSHE learning. We showed off our talents for the entertainment! Some of us also enjoyed entering the Easter Bonnet Competition!

31.03.22- Look who we went to visit today!

22.03.22 Greek food tasting

March 2022- We have had great fun learning about bread in our DT topic!

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08.03.22 The day the circus came...

Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser

Friday 18th February- What an exciting last day, including a workshop with author Ben Davis and our Ancient Greek home learning afternoon.

The Tigers travelled back to Ancient Greek times today. It was an action-packed day with Greek dancing, grape squashing, wreath making, Greek god puppet making, temple building and a mini Olympic games in the hall. 15.02.22

4th March- We have enjoyed celebrating Number Day!

28th January- A very exciting day playing Mathopoly, using our money skills in Maths and teamwork in Art, creating Medusa!

20th January- In French this week, we have been learning about the festival of 'La Fete des Rois' which is the feast of Kings. This traditional French dance is part of the celebrations.

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12th January- We have been practising drawing the letters from the Greek alphabet in our Nature Classroom session.

January 2022- We have been experimenting with different techniques including monoprinting and wax resist to create Greek pot pictures.

Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser

15th-16th December- We have enjoyed some Christmas activities this week!

14.12.21- Pop-up Christmas Art Workshop

13.12.21- Today we zoomed our Greek pen pals for the first time. They attend a primary school in Athens, Greece.

10.12.21- Home Learning Afternoon- We had a great time sharing our projects about South America and the River Amazon!

10.12.21- We had a special visitor today!

03.12.21-We had great fun doing the Santa Dash!

19.11.21- Exploring multiplication using a range of methods and resources

3.11.21-We had a fantastic time during the Diwali dance workshop.

Autumn 2 Knowledge Organiser

22nd October- Home Learning afternoon- Look at our impressive rainforest projects!

22nd October 2021-Rainforest animal art- We have created these using oil pastels. We are very proud of them!

21st October 2021- Rainforest Fruit Tasting- We had a great time tasting a variety of rainforest fruits.

15th October- Tag Rugby- What a fantastic morning we had, playing against lots of other schools in Rugby!

8th October 2021- It's Yellow Day! We dressed in yellow and made some emoji faces!

September 2021- We have made our own rainforest medicines and rainforest art in the Nature Classroom.

September 2021- We have been experimenting with colour mixing and rainforest animal drawing.

Autumn One Knowledge Organiser

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