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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

Jaguars – Year 6

Year Six Spring One Knowledge Organiser - Russia

Year Six -Autumn Two Knowledge Organiser -WWII

Year 6 Information Newsletter

Year Six -Autumn One Knowledge Organiser -WWI

Number Day 2022

Year 6 Jaguars had a visit from Santa! 10.12.21

RE debate about life after death! 30.11.21

Hockey Skills 26.11.21

Evacuation Role Play 25.11.21. In Jaguars, we have been learning about evacuations in WWII and how this felt for parents and children alike. We enjoyed acting out different scenes of evacuation.

Anti-bullying Day. 19.11.21 Jaguars completed some debates and role play to learn about bullying and what to do if they or anyone they knew was getting bullied.

Doodle Bug Man Drawing. We learnt about growth mindset and resilience through this activity. 02.11.21

WWI Project Afternoon. WOW! Jaguars, the talents you have are amazing. Well done on your creative and brilliant projects. 22.10.21

WWI Poetry Performance. We wrote our own 'Rondeau' poem based on the poem 'In Flanders Field' by John McCrae 22.10.21

WWI Rationing Recipes. We made: War Cake, Cheese and Lentil Savoury, Anzac Biscuits and Barley Bread. 20.10.21

PSHE role play about the safe use of mobile phones and the internet 14.10.21

Music in Jaguars. We played along to 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. 15.10.21

Investigating different religious views on the soul in R.E.

Year 6 Jaguars enjoying 'Throw Tennis' in Real P.E. 08.10.21

Wear Yellow Day for Young Minds. The Jaguars enjoyed played 'Snowball' to compliment one another as well as playing different emotion games. 08.10.21

Jaguars enjoyed acting out the First World War in the Nature Classroom 01.10.21

Year 6 enjoyed a session led by Bilton School all about Science. The children got to experience different creatures and conduct a PH experiment. 29.09.21

Creating scaled maps in the Nature Classroom 24.09.21

English shared write - discussion text. Is Harry Potter just for children? 24.09.21

Well done to the children who Jaguars who put themselves forward for the Junior Leadership Team 23.09.21

Using Microsoft Publisher to create a WWI cooking book 22.09.21

Learning about the compass points in the Nature Classroom 17.09.21

Year 6 Hotshots Taster for the Jaguars 15.09.21

Year 6 Jaguars have been using their speaking and listening skills to become history detectives and uncover clues about our WWI topic. 06/09/21