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Cawston Grange Primary School

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Dolphins - Reception

Heatwave Home Learning Activities:

For those who are staying home over the next couple of days, please see below some activities you might choose to do during this heatwave!


- Create a ‘how to stay safe in the sun’ poster, with illustrations and short captions to inform other people about ways to stay safe in the sun. For example, ‘drink lots of water’ or ‘stay in the shade’. Try your best to use your phonic knowledge to write, using your sound-mat to help if you need to.

- Go on a tricky word hunt around your house! Your parents could write tricky words on post-its and hide them all around the house or garden (in the shade), then you can go around and record them on a tick-list (make sure to practice reading them too!).

- Make a plan with your family about what you would like to do over the summer holidays! Write a list of activities or things you would like to try, taking consideration of everyone in your family’s ideas too. For example, ‘build a den in the garden’ or ‘make mud pies in the woods’ etc.!



- Conduct an experiment to find out ‘how long does it take an ice cube to melt indoors, outdoors and in the fridge?’ Record your predictions, then test them out. Use a phone/tablet to set a timer, checking to see how long each one takes to melt. Were your predictions correct? Can you use your reasoning skills to explain why you think the results were like that?

- Create a tally chart with whatever options you choose – could be ice-cream flavours, colours, animals or anything! Ask your family which is their favourite. You could also ring grandparents/other friends to ask which they like the most too. Then count up the tallies and record the total number for each choice. Which was the MOST popular? Which was the LEAST popular?

- Create foil boats of your own design and ask your family members to also make their own. Predict how many coins (or pieces of pasta/grapes/anything small!) each boat will hold before it sinks by recording in a chart. Then test them out in a shaded paddling pool or in your bathtub/sink by counting how many objects you put into each boat and recording the number on the chart. Whose boat was the strongest? Whose was the weakest?


Please also use the Collins e-book system to read your allocated e-books (there will be several to choose from!), and continue to use Doodle to practise your maths skills!


We will see you on Wednesday for the last 2 days of Reception :D 

We had an amazing time on our trip to the Birmingham Sea Life Centre! We discovered lots of different species of sea-creatures and found out some incredible facts. Did you know that a starfish's bottom is on the top of its body, in the middle of the star shape?! Can you remember what the 'Dory' fish's proper name was?

Lunar New Year - Dragon Dance

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The Dolphins have been learning about the Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year celebrations! We have learnt about the story of the Chinese Zodiac, how people celebrate the Lunar New Year, tried using chopsticks, learnt how to write the numbers 1-10 in Chinese, and created our own dragon puppets inspired by the incredible dancers in China.
Here are two girls who worked together to create their puppet and wanted to perform their very own dragon dance for the class! They did it without music first and then decided they needed music to make it more authentic... we watched both as a class and learnt about 'tempo' - how fast or slow music goes!

Lunar New Year - Dragon Dance

Still image for this video
Final performance!

Why should we brush our teeth?

Please check out the EYFS page on our website for our Frequently Asked Questions about starting Cawston Grange Primary School in September! 

To do this, hover over the 'Children and Learning' balloon and click on 'Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)' from the drop-down menu. Scroll down the page for some tips, advice and FAQs :) 


We are looking forward to meeting you all soon!

2021-2022 Dolphins Welcome Video!

Hello, Dolphins! We can't wait to welcome you to school in September and are really looking forward to getting to know you all :D