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Cawston Grange Primary School

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At Cawston Grange Primary School, our history curriculum is designed to ignite children’s curiosity about the past.

We bring history to life by immersing children in realistic experiences linked to the different topic areas. Through educational visits, both in and out of school, and the use of artefacts, children gain a good understanding of significant events in World and British history as well as appreciating how things change and develop over time. Alongside the teaching of historical knowledge, there is a high focus on children learning historical terms and vocabulary, being confident with chronology, carrying out different types of historical enquiry and research,  opportunities to communicate and organise their learning in a variety of ways and revisiting and making links with their previous learning in history. 

Progression of Skills in History

History Progression in Vocabulary

Year 3 Tigers have been learning about the importance of the Nile in the ancient Egyptian farming calendar - May 2022

Year 4 creating replicas of Roman catapults - Feb 2022

Friday 8th October 2021

Year Four

Stone Age to Iron Age Theme Day


Today, the children experienced  a wide variety of activities to enhance their Stone Age to Iron Age learning! An unbelievable amount of engaging and exciting artefacts to explore, making felt from goat's wool, having a go at spinning and weaving wool, wearing clothes made from animal skin, being part of a stone age camp, grinding wheat, hunting boar, gathering berries, working a bow drill to create friction, making art by rubbing on intricate wooden carvings, naming and dating different metals, farming, shearing, wearing metal helmets and metal clothing, holding weapons with flint and metal components, studying bone and metal cooking pots and utensils and comparing bone, wooden and metal tools.  

What an amazing day!


July 2021

Mini Museum

Grand Opening

Year 3 Egyptian Day

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Year 6 investigated WWI primary sources to tell them more about WWI.

Year 2 - We had great fun learning outdoors and building our own wattle and daub walls!

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In Year 2 we used Drama to help us escape the raging fire that burnt down the city of London in the 17th Century! Our History topic was based around the Great Fire of London (1666)!

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Year 4 practising marching like Roman soldiers. Sin! Dex! Sin! Dex!

Year Four (2019-20) The children really enjoyed dressing up as Romans and experiencing many things from the Roman period. Here are some of the activities they enjoyed. ink making and writing, creating scented oils, making mosaics, learning more about Boudica and Roman military tactics. .

Year 2 - Our visit to The Transport Museum 2019-2020

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Year 2 - The Penny Farthing 2019-2020

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Year 2 - Great Fire of London Drama Workshop 2019-2020

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Year 3 learnt about the different types of Ancient Greek fighters. 2019-2020

Reception - Exploring the seasonal changes over time on our Autumn Walk! 2019-2020