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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

School Council Election results 2016

The elections this year went very smoothly, thanks to the help and support of the current school council and several volunteers from Year 6.  There was a very strong set of candidates this year, who prepared carefully and gave excellent speeches.  It is a pleasure to see so many children taking on the process with enthusiasm and responsibility.   The overall party winner was the Sport Party.   


Here is the structure of the school council for the next academic year:




Brooke Curry (Creativity Party)

Dolphins Representative

Leo Jay (Sport Party)

Penguins Representative

Amy Hogg (Creativity Party)

KS1 Council Support Mentor

Belle Westgate

Yr 1 Representative

Madison Wassman

Yr 1 Representative

Sienna Gardner (Sport Party)

Yr 2 Representative

Jack Skelton (Sport Party)

Yr 3 Representative

Charlotte Young (Creativity Party)

Yr 4 Representative

Tabitha Kimberley (Outdoor Party)

Yr 5 Representative

Nia Taylor (Sport Party)

Yr 5 Representative

Priya Barhey (Sport Party)

Yr 6 Representative (Council Chair)

Mrs Wilson

Learning Council (Council Chair)

Ms McGonagle

Learning Council Consultant