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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

Staff and Class Structure for September 2016

Foundation Stage – Dolphins                                Foundation Stage – Penguins

Mrs H Harries-Classteacher                                      Miss J Highfield-Classteacher

Mrs J Brown-Learning Assistant                               Miss J Ion-Learning Assistant


Year 1 – Butterflies (present Dolphins)                Year 1 – Red Pandas (present Penguins)

Miss L Prewett-Classteacher                                    Mr H Livingstone-Classteacher

Mrs K McGuire–Learning Assistant                          Mrs R Mawson-Learning Assistant 


Year 2 – Zebras (present Red Pandas)                 Year 3 Ocelots (new to school)

Mrs N Brookes-Classteacher                                    Mr A Weatherall-Classteacher

Mrs B Haistead-Learning Assistant                           Mrs D Moriarty-Learning Assistant

Mrs S Parker -Learning Assistant


Year 3 – Tigers (present Zebras)                           Year 4 - Brown Bears (present Tigers)

Miss E Bush-Classteacher                                        Mrs A Dix (Monday/Tuesday)-Classteacher

Mrs D Moriarty-Learning Assistant                            Mrs V Wesson (Wednesday-Friday)-Classteacher

                                                                                   Mrs C Bates-Learning Assistant

                                                                                   Mrs D Charnley-Learning Assistant

                                                                                   Mrs L O’Keeffe-Learning Assistant

                                                                                   Mrs K Reynolds-Learning Assistant


Year 5 – Snow Leopards (present Ocelots)         Year 5 – Turtles (present Brown Bears)

Mrs D Wilson (Monday-Wednesday)-Classteacher Mr J Keith-Classteacher

Mrs D Pullen (Thursday/Friday)-Classteacher         Mrs S Brown-Learning Assistant

Mrs T Bevan-Learning Assistant

Mrs G Satchwell-Learning Assistant

Mrs V Street-Learning Assistant


Year 6 - Polar Bears (present Snow Leopards)

Mrs J Lower-Classteacher/Deputy Headteacher/SENCo

Mrs C Hancock-Learning Assistant


All pupils will meet with their new teachers and learning assistants on Tuesday 12 July.  Morning lessons will take place in the children’s new classrooms.