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Cawston Grange Primary School

Excellence, Respect, Friendship

Star Writers and Mathematicians for the Month of September

The chosen writers for the month are:

Reception – Vishwa S (Penguins)                                  Year 1 – Dorian K (Butterflies)

Year 2 – Isla M (Zebras)                                                  Year 3 – Daniel J (Tigers)

Year 4 – Sienna G (Snow Leopards)                               Year 5 – Rithika B (Lemurs)

Year 6 – Rebecca E (Jaguars)

The chosen mathematicians for the month are:

Reception – Edward C (Dolphins)                                  Year 1 – Lachy S (Red Pandas)

Year 2 – Joshua T (Hedgehogs)                                      Year 3 – Isabella B (Tigers)

Year 4 – Brandon M (Snow Leopards)                            Year 5 – Emma M (Turtles)

Year 6 – Anthony B (Jaguars)

The children's work will be on display in the library during the month of October. You are welcome to come into the library after school, for your child to show you their wonderful writing and mathematics.